Welcome to the international workshop on “Vector- and Tensor-Valued Surface PDEs,” a multidisciplinary event dedicated to exploring the mathematical challenges associated with PDEs defined on curved surfaces. This workshop serves as a platform for leading experts from diverse mathematical and application fields, including analysis, numerics, computational simulations, modeling in biology and material science, to engage in in-depth discussions and collaborative research.

The workshop will delve into the intricate coupling between surface geometry and PDEs, with a particular emphasis on vector- and tensor-valued surface fields. Traditional approaches for scalar-valued equations on curved surfaces are no longer sufficient for tackling the complexities presented by vector- and tensor-valued surface PDEs. Therefore, this event seeks to bridge the gap between different communities and develop innovative numerical methods and computational simulations as well as applications and experiments to address these challenges.

Specific problems from various application areas will be investigated, including fluidic membranes, active matter, viscoelastic properties of a cell cortex, prestrained elastic structures, and nematic liquid crystal elastomers. These topics represent highly active research fields where reliable and predictive simulations play a crucial role in catalyzing further developments.

The workshop will feature presentations from distinguished speakers, each offering their unique perspectives and insights into vector- and tensor-valued surface PDEs. The diverse range of expertise represented by the speakers ensures comprehensive coverage of the mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, simulation techniques, and practical applications related to this topic.

By attending this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow researchers and practitioners, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Together, we aim to advance the state-of-the-art in numerical analysis, scientific computing, and surface PDEs, ultimately leading to improved predictive capabilities in the fields of biology, material science, mechanics, and more.

Time and Venue

  • Nov 29 (9am) - Dec 01, 2023 (4pm)
  • Dresden, Germany
  • TU Dresden

Registration, Program and other information

Please visit the official conference webpage for more information.