• Speaker: Ricardo H. Nochetto (University of Maryland)
  • Date: May 07, 2021 15:00
  • Location: Online, Zoom


Prestrained plates are slender materials that develop internal stresses at rest, deform out of plane even without external forces, and exhibit nontrivial 3d shapes. Bilayer plates are slender structures made of two materials that react differently to environmental (thermal, electrical or chemical) actuation. In both cases the plates can exhibit large bending deformations that are geometrically nonlinear. We present reduced nonconvex models, develop variational formulations, and design local discontinuous Galerkin methods (LDGs). Moreover, we prove Gamma-convergence of the discrete energies and analyze discrete gradient flows for the computation of minimizers that provide control of the metric defect. We document the performance of the LDG methods with several insightful simulations. This is joint work with A. Bonito, D. Guignard, and S. Yang.